Ahoy! Let’s go Nautical or Naut at all?

Jul 26, 2016

Nautical all the way! So let me just stand back and feel the breeze…

Oh wait, I’m in Florida, land of the hot and humid. I bring the hot don’t you think?;) ­čśë eh, eh? okay so maybe sometimes all I bring is a hot mess!

Any who, outfits that are nautical themed have always been super cute and classy in my book. I mean have you seen all the little nautical outfits they have for babies? Talk about ADORABLE! While I’ll never be as cute as a baby in a little sailor suit, I will sure try to be!

Stripes have always been an easy way to incorporate a little bit of that “ahoy there matey?” feel to your outfit. When I see stripes I either think of men at sea or I think of those scary mimes, but mostly the sailors lol. Whether you choose a striped T-shirt like I did or a nice flowy skirt, I think it’s the perfect start to a nautical themed outfit. They have to be horizontal though, in my opinion, because if the stripes are vertical you just don’t get the same affect.


Now let’s get to these navy sailor pants, literally they are called sailor pants! I have to admit that I would have preferred gold buttons, but I still love the gunmetal colored buttons on my pants. The fact that they are a little high waisted makes me love them even more because they add some length to my petite frame.

DSC06537 DSC06545

Now I do love the whole nautical theme I’ve got going on here, but I wanted to mix it up a bit and add a little menswear flare so I put on some cute brown oxfords.


Let’s not make it all about the sailors! The ships that they use are just as important, if not more, and what gives you the good feels of a ship like a rope belt! After all ropes are used to bring up the sails and other such things, for me this belt was used as an accessory and to help accentuate my waist=]. Also, the day of this outfit someone told me my belt looked like what you used to hold back curtains lol.



But why do my socks have to come through?


Finally I finished off my look with bright red lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I’m ready to go! The top knot didn’t really relate to the sea, but it’s hot up in florida so up my hair went!

Get the Look:

Top: American Eagle Outfitters

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Pants: Forever21

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Rope Belt: Forever21

Exact: Tasseled Rope Belt

Oxfords: Forever21

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  1. antonet says:

    Super cute! I love anything nautical! I was born a mermaid. I especially love oxford’s I have a pinterest board dedicated to them! I absolutely love the rope belt!

    xo Antonet

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