Just a Little Gold Dress

Sep 27, 2016

It’s not that easy to find a flowing, gold dress that you feel amazing in.

I get so much inspiration from other bloggers, magazines, and Pinterest. This style of dress is very similar to other dresses, I would describe it as delicate, flown, and very feminine. It makes me feel very girly


The length of this dress is the perfect maxi dress for me because of my petite frame. However, this dress should end at the middle of my calves, at least that’s how it looks on the model on the website. I prefer the way it fits on me because it doesn’t drag on the floor and I don’t need to tailor the hem.


I don’t always like clothing that has a crinkled material, I’ve actually never found anything with that style appealing. But I saw this dress and it fit the style that I was looking for. The color is a beautiful gold that I love, not that bright yellowy gold that looks ugly.


I would say the best part about this dress is that I don’t have to suck anything in! No, I don’t think I’m fat, but when I eat I get bloated and if I’m wearing a form fitting outfit then I have to suck it in. I’m pretty sure it happens to everybody and I know everyone loves when they don’t have to worry about that. The loose and flowy style of this dress is still flattering while offering comfort.dsc08191

This dress is very casual while offering up a bit of elegance and I didn’t want to wear dramatic or fancy heels with it. If I had had some cool flat sandals I might have paired them with this dress. But I didn’t so I chose a chunky low heeled sandal. The color of these heels compliments the dress, but doesn’t match it exactly, and the gold studs along the laces add some glam.



Get the Look:

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

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Dress: H&M

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Choker: Charlotte Russe

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