Pretty in Paisley

Jan 24, 2017

Pretty in Paisley

Remember when paisley was so out of style and no one dare wear it? The pattern was just too busy and didn’t really flatter anybody. Lately, I have been spotting paisley in a few stores again that actually look stylish. I’m not a very big fan of the print personally, but when I saw this dress I immediately loved it! I got hippy/renaissance vibes when I saw this dress in store. The paisley print on the dress didn’t even bother me because it’s design was perfect. One thing I don’t like about the older prints is that they are usually very bold and bright. This is already a bold print and I think adding a bold color scheme just becomes too much.



Bold statement colors aren’t all over this dress, thank goodness! Instead you see lighter, warmer colors, like the orange, blue and green. This dress has velvet lining on the top and keeps it from being too loose and unflattering. I chose a velvet choker to match the velvet lining and I think it brings out that renaissance feel, or maybe it’s just me.



Let me be honest, the bell sleeves are what really drew me to this dress. They just add to the carefree, whimsical, hippie vibe and I’m so down for that. Bell sleeves are back in style and I’m loving it! The overall fit of this dress is amazing, loose and flowy, but fitted and tight where it should be.paisley

I completed my look with some black faux suede knee high boots. Not going to lie I did feel a little bit like a witch when I looked at myself in the mirror. My sister even asked me where my broom was, but she still liked my outfit lol.



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  1. Katja says:

    What a lovely dress and you girl are rocking it like a princess!
    Katja xxx

  2. I am in love with this neutral paisley dress! Talk about beautiful. Your makeup is flawless, too!

  3. The dress, choker, and hair go together so nicely! I love it.

  4. Alix Maza says:

    I think paisley is busy, but with the right accessories it looks good!

    Alix |

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