The White T-Shirt Dress

Jan 14, 2017

The T-Shirt Dress

I love a neutral palette, always have, always will so this WHITE T-shirt dress is a must have to me. A go-to style choice for me is the T-shirt dress because it’s easy to style and versatile. Clothing that is versatile is clothing that you will get your money’s worth for. It’s almost like painting on a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless!

White t-shirt dress

shoulder bag

Aside from the fact that i love neutral colors like white and a trusty T-shirt dress in my closet, I love this dress because it’s comfortable! The fact is that a long sleeved dress just adds to the appeal, I get cold easily. Isn’t it great when fashion meets function? A pair of black shorts underneath keeps me worry free if my dress decides to ride up!

zoomed in shirt dress side view bag  booties

When I decided to wear something simple I like to add a few pieces that make it pop. I absolutely fell in love with these booties when I saw them in the store. One of the reasons I love them so much is because they’re nice and narrow. A wide pair of shoes doesn’t always compliment my small feet. I love the color and my favorite part of these boots is the chain that hangs down.

white t-shirt dress

Simple jewelry pieces have been my go to lately, as have chokers! Chokers have made their comeback from the 90s and I am loving it! There are so many different styles out there its hard to pick just one! For this outfit a black mesh style choker brings it all together in my opinion.These pair of earrings are simple in design, but go to the next level with rhinestones. Since my hair is up in a pony I feel like they accentuate everything and add a little sparkle.

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  1. Maria Ramos says:

    Can you do a makeup tutorial on this look?

  2. jahariPr says:

    Absolutamente con Ud es conforme. Es la idea excelente. Es listo a apoyarle.

  3. Monica Robinson says:

    I love this! The t-shirt dress can be styled up or down. Endless and timeless. Love seeing what you have on your site.

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