My Top 5 Foundations

May 19, 2017

If you have complicated skin like I do then you know how hard it is to find good foundations. My skin is very oily, acne prone, and I have hyperpigmentation and small scarring. So not only do I need a foundation that keeps me matte all day, I need one that conceals my blemishes too. After much trial and error I finally have my top 5 foundations that do everything I need. The best part is that 2 of them are drugstore and super affordable! If you like full coverage or matte foundations keep reading for my top picks!

1. Kat Von D Lock-It

Pro: Best Full coverage, conceals everything, matte
Con: Thick consistency

This is my favorite foundation of all time. My number one pick! It gets the job done perfectly by really hiding my imperfections, and giving me a nice even tone all around. You want matte? Give this a go and you will love the results, I have a very oily T zone and my chin even more so. But this foundation will keep you nice and matte throughout the day.


2. Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte

Pro: Inexpensive, stays matte

Con: Build up coverage

Okay so the coverage is actually very good, but I can still see some freckles come through or blemishes if I don’t build it up just a little. Not really a con because once I add a little more where I need it the coverage is perfect! For a drugstore brand this foundation doesn’t really oxidize, which means you don’t get an orangey face once you’re done! Another plus is that it’s not too heavy and doesn’t feel like you have a cake face.

Loreal Infallible Pro-matte foundation


3. It Cosmetics  Your Skin But Better CC+

Pro: Has SPF 50, Smooth Finish, Matte

Con: Starts out Sheer, Very warm, Not many shades

It cosmetics is one of the best brands for consumers with uneven or problem skin. Most of their products have some sunscreen in them, which is great! Sunscreen is really important and should be used daily, especially on your delicate face. Having a foundation with sunscreen already in it is always a plus for me. The coverage is buildable, it starts out sheer, but let me tell you once you build it up it is very FULL. I’ve never really used powder foundations because they never gave me good coverage, but then I found this one! It feels so nice on your skin and helps me feel nice and dry all day. The only down side is that the shade I bought is more on the warm side and I prefer neutral tones.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+


4. Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo

Pro: Full Coverage, Smooth application, SPF 25

Con: Not as long lasting

Dermablend is widely known for their products ability to virtually make tattoos and anything else disappear. The coverage is unreal and although this is specified as “medium coverage” it definitely works like a full coverage foundation. Once I apply this onto my face I am an even toned goddess, or I feel that way at least. It is matte, but compared to my other foundations it is not as long wearing. I don’t mind cause a little bit of translucent powder will bring me back to perfection.

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo


5. Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation

Pro: Affordable, Lightweight, Applicator

Con: Watery

I am really loving all these drugstore brands stepping up their game. Especially Wet n Wild, the applicator is like a spatula and you can scoop out some product and just put it on your face. I love this because it doesn’t waste any product like other foundations. The texture is almost watery and you’d think that means less coverage, but it doesn’t in this case. So it gives great coverage while keeping a lightweight feel. A little bit of powder on top and everything is set off perfectly.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation


I hope that this list helps you all out and that they work as well for you as they do for me! You can click on any of the links to purchase them. While I hope they are amazing for you, they might not be because everybody’s skin is different. This is why I wanted to list a good range of foundations from drugstore to high end in hopes that it makes it just a little easier for you.

– Much Love

Seriously Alejandra



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