Constant Break Outs to Clear Skin! My Skin Care Routine

May 25, 2017

Once I hit puberty my skin just decided to go crazy like it does for most of us. Honestly, I felt so ugly because I didn’t have the small little pimples some people are lucky to get, no I had mountains on my face! My acne was dark, red, and big in size and pretty painful. One day I just couldn’t take it anymore I asked my mom if I could see a dermatologist. Once I started using the medications my dermatologist prescribed my skin started clearing up! I’ve been seeing my dermatologist for about 5 years now and it has really helped me. But heres the thing, I just can’t afford all these expensive creams and such anymore. I decided to change my skin care routine and completely stopped using all my medications.

I tried new products out, drugstore and high end, until I found something that worked for me.

Clarisonic Mia 2

Once I bought the Mia 2, which is a face brush by Clarisonic, my skin improved dramatically . If you do nothing else for skin care and invest in the Mia 2 you will be amazed by the change in your skin! Before I bought the Mia 2 I used my hands like many people do to scrub and wash my face and use my medications. I noticed that while I was washing my face and doing all the steps, I was still breaking out frequently. However, once I started washing my face with the Mia 2, my skin immediately started clearing up! And not just clearing up, but the texture of my skin and some scarring was improving. I felt so much more confident when I started seeing these results.

Buy Here: Clarisonic Mia 2 Face Brush

Perricone MD Oil Free Hydrating Cream

I have very oily skin, and I thought that using a moisturizer would just make me more oily. Obviously I was wrong, I need moisturizer so that my face will stop overproducing excess oil. I walked into Sephora one day, we all know how that goes, and started looking around for moisturizers. One of the employees came and asked me what I was looking for and if I needed any help. She was a representative for Perricone MD, which is a high end brand that I had heard of before.

I talked to her about my problem skin and the symptoms I was dealing with. She suggested I try out the Oil-Free Hydrating Cream from their Pre:Empt Series collection and gave me a sample. The sample she gave me lasted a good three weeks and I noticed that my skin was less oily and that it looked brighter and more even as well. This product is a little bit on the pricey side, but I’ve had it for 4 months and still not halfway through! It is well worth the investment.

Buy Here: Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series Oil-Free Hydrating Cream

Sunday Riley U.F.O

I was never into face oils, but once I tried this out I had to have it! Okay so this oil has lots of active ingredients that really fight off acne and helps clear pores. Some of the ingredients included are: salicylic acid and Tea tree oil. Salicylic acid helps clear your acne and the tea tree oil helps clean out your pores so that they don’t look so big and it fights acne at the same time. Once I put it on it doesn’t feel oily on my face and it dries quickly. I have been using this for about a month and I haven’t really had any flare ups since.

Buy Here: Sunday Riley U.F.O

Perricone MD Chloro Plasma

The Chloro Plasma is a mask that helps improve skin texture, clogged pores and I’ve found on me it heals my scarring. I’m very self conscious about my scarring and hyperpigmentation from previous acne. I’ve been using this mask about 2-3 times a week to help take some of that away. This mask also helps control my oily skin and makes it feel more smooth too without drying it out. This isn’t an absolute must have in terms of skin care, but if you have scarring and rough skin it will really help you out.

Buy Here: Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Purifying Mask

The great thing about these products is that there are so many ways to save money if you want to buy them. I know that these are more on the expensive side and not everyone can afford them. An alternative to the Clarisonic brush is the Pro Spin Brush for Perfect Skin by Vanity Planet. Clarisonic also offers 10% off when you subscribe on their website!

Harteloos is a great website that offers great products at big discounts! They will have Perricone Md, and Michael Todd Beauty, which is another great face brush for 40-60% off. The brands they offer depend on the day, but it’s another way to save money if you want to try them out! Sephora will also give you samples if you ask for them so you can try before you buy!



  1. Great post. I’ve had the same issue with pimples and really oily skin. I found the same thing, that adding moisture with oils balanced my skin and it isn’t oily anymore.

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