I love fashion and everything about it and I know it can be hard sometimes when shopping for clothes. I thought it would be helpful to list some of my favorite stores and what I like about them. This post is all about affordable products. I’m a college student and unfortunately can’t buy the most […]

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June 28, 2017

Favorite Stores To Shop | Fashion & Clothing

I am an avid book reader and I read as often as I can. To be honest I never really liked when someone would ask what book I’m reading. It feels very personal to me for some reason to share something that I consider special. I love books and I know others feel the same […]

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June 19, 2017

The Vampire Academy | Books to Read

If you are on any type of social media at all or love fashion then you know of Kendall Jenner. She is one of the top models in the industry right now and her style is amazing. Her style is the most laid back out of all the Kardashian-Jenners and that’s what I really like […]

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June 12, 2017

Look for Less | Kendall Jenner White Boots Style

I thought that anybody who takes time out of their day to visit my site (thank you btw) might like to know some facts. So I came up with a list of 25 things most people don’t know about me. Now, if you are reading this and you grew up with me then you probably […]

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June 7, 2017

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Let’s be honest, we all have those days when we are ready to just netflix and chill. I’m talking no makeup, sweats on and it’s only 4 pm. Those are some of the best days, am I right? And then we get a text or a call from boyfriend saying, be ready in 30 min. Maybe, […]

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June 3, 2017

Quick Makeup Look for Last Minute Plans

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