25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Jun 7, 2017

I thought that anybody who takes time out of their day to visit my site (thank you btw) might like to know some facts. So I came up with a list of 25 things most people don’t know about me. Now, if you are reading this and you grew up with me then you probably know some things. There is always more to learn about a person in my eyes so, here are 25 things you don’t know about me!

1 – I share a birthday with Dylan Minnette AKA Clay Jensen from 13 reasons why

2 – I have 11 uncles/aunts on each side of my family (talk about big!)

3 – When I was little I fell down on the corner of a sidewalk and busted my forehead open. I now have a scar, I don’t remember this, but apparently I kept saying don’t take me to the hospital.

4 – I come from a family of immigrants, my mom and dad are both originally from La Yerbabuena, Michoacan, Mexico.

5 – I love to read, but if it’s a book less than 300 pages I won’t read it. The story in a book is rushed and moves to0 fast when there are less pages in my opinion.

6 – My blood type is O – , which is pretty rare I guess, most people are +

7 – I can be a slight hoarder when it comes to throwing out clothes or shoes. I always think to myself, “I can probably where that with this or that one day”. That makes it harder for me to give it up lol.

8 – One day in high school I slipped and fell on my butt in front of a table of people in the cafeteria. I was wearing some nike slides, which is why I slipped. A friend of mine was sitting at the table when I slipped and started clapping. I had no choice, but to laugh because if I didn’t I would cry.

9 – I am one half a whole my friends. By that I mean I have a twin, an identical twin and her name is Irene. She’s my other half and my best friend, just don’t tell her I said so.

10 – I am a very shy person, most people think I’m just conceited or rude because of that. I don’t really know how to just talk to random person and make a friend. I like to just stick to myself because it’s hard for me to interact with people I don’t know.

11 – When it comes to buying clothes I’m a little cheap. A shirt that costs 30$ is just a bit much to me. I always look for deals and ways that I can save money. But I will spend a lot on makeup unfortunately.

12 – My favorite color is black, I know it sounds depressing right? But I love wearing black because it matches with everything! Well maybe it’s not my favorite color exactly, but I’m drawn to it the most.

13 – I’ve always wanted a Siberian Husky. One day I will get one, they’re a little expensive, which is the only reason I don’t have one right now. I also don’t have room for a dog, but that’s another story lol.

14 – I always wish I was taller. Some days I feel short and stubby because I’m only 5’2″ and I envy how girls with average height look.

15 – Spaghetti will forever be my favorite food to eat. I don’t eat much of it now because you know, carbs and all that.

16 – I hate the smell of pickles, it’s just gross! If you love them I honestly don’t know why, they don’t look appealing at all.

17 – I consider myself somewhat of an artist. I haven’t painted in a good minute, but when I’m inspired I like to draw, paint, or take photos.

18 – I never sleep under the comforter on my bed, I always sleep on top with my blanket. Part of it is because of laziness, if I sleep under the covers I have to do it in the morning. The blanket I sleep with is my favorite blanket and was a gift from a friend in highschool. G bug if you’re reading thank you!

19 – I love cold weather. I live in florida so any relief from the normal heat is great! Plus, you can always cover up to stay warm, you can’t really strip down to stay cool.

20 – My parents are my role models. My siblings and I learned that if you work hard your dreams will come true. They are some of the hardest workers I know and I honestly don’t know how they do it. My parents are the best examples for being a truly good person in my eyes.

21 – My favorite ice cream is the cookies and cream bar from blue bunny. I just can’t get enough of that, I could probably eat five and still want more.

22 – I don’t like to smile a lot or when I’m walking around. I feel like I look ridiculous walking around just smiling for no reason.

23 – I got braces. Twice. That’s right I am one of those people who don’t learn and mess their perfectly straight teeth up. I learned my lesson though!

24 – If I am around my sister and we find something funny I can laugh hysterically for minutes. And if I look at her when I calm down I will immediately start cracking up again.

25 – I have had pigs, dogs, a cat, a rat, a hamster, fish, and turtles as pets. I was a kid when I found a baby rat in Mexico and me and my sister wanted to keep it. My mom didn’t though so we had to let it go.

Okay so there you have it, 25 things about me that you don’t know! It is harder than you think to come up with 25 things about yourself. I hope this helps you get to know a little more about me!



  1. Wonderful post, so great to learn new things about you.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great list! I’ve been working on my list all day for a future blog post!

  3. Shari E says:

    Fun list! The photo of your parents is beautiful. Thanks for sharing these personal details.

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