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Jun 19, 2017

I am an avid book reader and I read as often as I can. To be honest I never really liked when someone would ask what book I’m reading. It feels very personal to me for some reason to share something that I consider special. I love books and I know others feel the same so I’ve decided to share some of the books that I really enjoyed reading.  The Vampire Academy is the first book in my books to read series of posts that I will do.

The Vampire Academy

I really like reading fantasy books, they’re so creative and imaginative and it feels like a movie in my head. I read this book a few years ago and I was immediately hooked from the first page. The Vampire Academy is centered in a world of  good vampires, halfbreed vampires, and bad vampires. The bad vampires are called Strigoi, the good are Moroi, and the half breeds are Dhampir. The Dhampir protect the Moroi from the strigoi. The main character is Rose Hathaway, a dhampir, that is charged with protecting her best friend Lisa Dragomir, a royal moroi.

They have a very special friendship, which I will not tell you about so you’ll have to read it. The moroi have magic that they learn to control and use and the dhampir have advanced strength and speed to protect them. They are in St. Vladimir’s Academy, a school where the moron learn about magic and dhampir learn how to protect moroi. It’s a little archaic how their society is about each race, but it makes it interesting nonetheless.

The Vampire Academy starts off with Lisa and Rose living away from the society they were raised in. And then one day they get caught by the school that they ran away from. One of the dhampir that helped bring them back is a major bad ass in their world. His name is Dimitri Belikov, and he is one of the best guardians who is known for being great in the battle against strigoi. The reason they want to bring them back so badly is because Lisa is the last Dragomir in her family.

The main goal for Rose is to train to become a guardian so that she can protect her best friend. In the book, she is going through training and all the rest that comes with being a teen in school. She is a badass chick who knows what she wants and doesn’t play the damsel in distress. Rose gets the amazing opportunity to train under Dimitri, I’ll let you think about how that might go ;).  With her quick comebacks and sarcastic humor she is one of my favorite characters that I’ve read.

There’s a lot of action, some romance, and a lot of humor in this book and the best part is that it’s a saga! That’s right, the story doesn’t end when you finish the vampire academy, there are 3 more books for you to enjoy. I really love this book, the author is amazing and really makes you feel like you’re living in their world. If you love to read about strong sassy women and fantasy I really think you will enjoy this book.

P.S. if you have seen the movie, the book is way better! I did not like the movie at all so don’t think that the book is the same.

P.P.S What books are you reading? Any suggestions for the next post?



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