Back To School Must Have Clothes

Jul 26, 2017

School is starting back up very soon and all that comes with it. Which means time for back to school clothes shopping! This is one of my favorite things about going back to school because it gives me a reason to shop. Now I don’t like to go crazy, LBH it happens sometimes, but I do pick out some wardrobe essentials. These essentials mean I can easily wear them with various outfits so I can get the most out of my money. Buying an item and then only wearing it once is a waste of money in my opinion. Unfortunately, I have done this on several occasions and I absolutely despise it. Focusing on must have items saves me money and time when I’m getting ready in the morning.

Back To School Must Haves:


  • Plain White Tee

No matter if you’re in school or not, everyone needs a plain white tee. It can even have a quote or some type of art on it if you’re feeling frisky, but you have to have one. A white tee shirt can be styled in so many ways, it’s crazy! Pair it with some jeans and flats for a casual look or a maxi skirt to dress it up a bit. I feel like the possible outfits for a plain white tee are endless.

  • Printed/Textured Blouse

You always need a shirt with a little flare to it, plaid, checkered, bold red, frilly, or floral. Having at least one top that pops out adds a little fun to your wardrobe. It also makes you feel a little extra special that day because its more detailed or different than your everyday norm.

  • Denim Long Sleeve

Like the plain white tee shirt, a denim long sleeve is versatile and can be worn with so many outfits. Go for a denim on denim look and pair your denim with some nice blue jeans or tuck it into red leather skirt for a more edgy look. You can wear it over a dress for a nice casual look, you see what I mean about versatility?


  • Skinny Jeans

I love skinny jeans, especially a nice medium wash pair of blue jeans. You want a pair of jeans that aren’t too dark or too light so that they go well with different styles. The most important thing when searching for your skinny jeans is that they are comfortable. A pair of jeans that literally rub you the wrong way are no bueno, even if they’re cute.

  • Black Pants

In my book, black pants are a must have for my closet. Whether they are jeans or trousers they instantly bump up your style game. And they’re different from your everyday jeans that most people turn to.

  • A Skirt

There are so many different styles of skirts that the only problem you’ll have when shopping is picking just one! A maxi skirt can be dressed up or down and worn in almost any situation. You can choose a leather miniskirt and wear it with sneakers or boots depending on your mood. These are just some examples, but a skirt is definitely a must because it adds variety and can be worn multiple times.

  • Leggings/Athletic¬†

I don’t care what anyone says leggings are pants! Just make sure they aren’t see-through because ladies, that is not sexy. I will grab my favorite leggings when I’m in a rush and pair it with a crop top for a sporty chic look.

  • T-Shirt or Tank Dress

Dresses are so much fun to wear because it’s a whole outfit and you don’t have to put too much thought into it. T-shirt dresses and tank dresses are the easiest to style and wear. A white T-shirt dress and some cute sneakers will have you ready fast without compromising your style.


  • A Pair of Flats

There’s no question about it, flats are the alternative when you don’t want to wear heels. They’re casual, but still dress up your outfit with minimal effort. Personally, I think investing in nude or black flats will get the most use. I do love colorful or printed flats, but they can only be worn with certain outfits. And in this post we are focusing on your must haves.

  • Sneakers

I love the whole sneaker trend and pairing it with dress pants, jeans, dresses you name it. The white adidas sneakers are my go to right now and I love them. They’re comfortable and stylish all in one, a great alternative to sandals or flats.

  • Chelsea Boots

I am a lover of boots, I prefer them to almost any other footwear. If you see me out and about, chances are that I’m wearing boots. Chelsea boots specifically are my favorite, the shape and shaft length are perfect for me. Black boots add a little somethin’ somethin’ to any outfit.

¬†That’s pretty much it for my back to school must haves! I’m on the hunt for these items as well so when I find them I’ll show you how I styled them.



  1. Definitely need you some cute jeans that will be staple pieces in your closet!

  2. Perfect choices. They look great.
    Sunset Desires

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