The All Black Outfit

Jan 12, 2018



An all black outfit is one of the easiest outfits to style, I mean it’s all black! You can’t go wrong. But I do think it can be intimidating because it IS all black. It’s very dark and some might say dreary, but in my opinion is super chic and edgy. I like to add a piece with detail to spice it up a bit instead of plain black everything.





I was a little bit in a rush in the morning when I was getting ready for school that morning. And I was trying to think of what I could wear that would be cute and easy. I started with these black faux leather leggings that just happened to be folded on my bed. My sister had told me she was giving me some pants that didn’t fit her. She finally put them on my bed and I got excited, yay for me! Then I was running around looking in my closet for a cute top, didn’t find anything . So I just said, screw it, and I grabbed a black tee and threw it on . Checked myself out in the mirror and thought, not too shabby  Alex.

The snap front detailing on the leggings adds that little extra detail that I like with a more minimal outfit. But let me tell you about my favorite  part of this outfit! I just got these mid calf booties that I saw on this amazing youtuber, Ashley Brooke (she’s amazing) in one of her how to style videos. Immediately, I thought to myself I must have them! And like a little kid with a new toy I had to wear them ASAP. I kept thinking to myself, Alex, you are going to regret wearing those heels to school. But surprisingly I didn’t really have much pain at the end of the day so that’s a plus!





The funny thing is that I’m prone to rolling my ankle, so I’m constantly making sure theres nothing on the ground for me to trip on. And I actually tripped a little a few times yesterday, the kind where you don’t pick your foot up all the way. You know what I mean? Every time that happens I laugh a little bit to myself cause I feel like a dork. I’m like, you think you’re billy bad ass yet you’re over here tripping. I don’t look around though to see if anyone saw it, I try to keep it low key, lol.




What do y’all think? Is all black too much? Too dark and twisty like my soul? Be honest. Would you like to see more all black outfit styles?




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