My Current Beauty Favorites

Apr 26, 2019

Current Beauty Favorites

I don’t always do a current beauty favorites, especially now that I’m trying to buy more conscientiously and choose things that I will love for a long time and use on a daily basis. But I have found some amazing products and rediscovered some old loves of mine and I wanted to share with you so that maybe you can find something that works for you in this post!

To make this more simple and easy to just look at a particular category I’m splitting it up! All the product links can be found below!

Makeup & Skincare


This foundation is perfect for all my oily skinned girls out there! I kid you not this foundation is the longest lasting matte foundation I ever tried. The directions say that you don’t need to set it with powder and I was skeptical at first. But boy when I tried it it really lasted me and I fell back in love with this foundation, it is more of a medium to full coverage foundation. If you like a more full coverage finish you can totally build it up and it looks amazing!

This foundation offers such amazing coverage at an unbeatable price in my opinion! The foundation is very long wearing and the formula is a nice middle ground between too thick and too thin, definitely try this one out for a good full coverage, soft mattifying foundation.

This foundation is full coverage to the MAX perfect for the days where you want and NEED to look flawless, photographs beautifully. Very matte foundation and a thicker consistency. I absolutely love wearing this because I know my face will look like a dream!


I have a go to concealer that I’ve talked about before on my Youtube channel, but I’ll mention it here because I really love it!

This has taken the place in my heart that was reserved for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, I feel like its all that the Shape Tape concealer is but better and the consistency is not a thick! Win!

Not to keep comparing concealers to the shape tape lol, but this one is basically exactly like the shape tape concealer, for a better price and better coverage with less concealer you have to use to achieve it! It’s also amazing for contouring as well!


This has the perfect neutral contour shade for light to medium skin tones, when you apply it, it looks pretty darks but sheers out into this beautiful natural looking contour, a must have for me!

This cream formula is soooo nice, it blends out so easily, and is more of a warm toned contouring shade when you want to look a little more bronzed.

This bronzer is also a cream formula (I’m really into creams right now), and is very similar to the Nudestix Bondi Bae, but a little more cool toned, just a tad honestly. I had to mention it thought because of how great the formula is and the shade!


Like I mentioned before, I’m so into creams, especially this highlighter, it gives you such a beautiful glow from within highlight that really just enhances your face in a way that I haven’t seen in other highlighters, it’s a beautiful gold champagne shade that will look amazing on all skin tones!

I always have a powder highlight favorite, this has been my go to when I don’t wear the Milk Makeup Highlighter, it’s very similar in shade to the Lit highlighter, but a little more golden and you can build this up to really bling up your highlight. It doesn’t make the texture on my cheeks look worse either as a lot of powder highlights can do!


This palette really has it all, and I absolutely love it! I’m super into pink and berry tone blushes right now, I feel like they make you look more youthful, and this has the perfect pink tones in it. What makes this blush palette a real winner though is that it also has your warm more nude toned blushes. You get basically all the shades you really need with this palette and a highlighter as well that is just to die for.

I’ve been really looking for a nice coral shade that wasn’t too bright or vibrant. I found it in this beautiful cream blush! This shade is still a nice vibrant coral, but a little toned down and more wearable because it’s a little deeper than your regular coral. Definitely a summer must have!


I love my derma blend translucent powder, I really do! But I also love this loose powder, I chose a pink shade because it’s supposed to help not wash you out in photos like the regular white powder will, and I think it actually works! It definitely brightens up my under eye area without looking like a just put flour all over my face! And the price is a great bonus too!


Talk about a mascara that makes it look like you have false lashes on! I have super short and very straight lashes, I bought this on the recommendation of Tati. Boy did she get it so right with this one! It makes your lashes look so thick and full and really helps keep them curled and looking super long! I love the way my lashes look when I use this mascara, plus it’s super black too, which is always a good thing!


I have been super into the more natural looking makeup look, and I love how this lipstick looks on my lips! It almost looks like a chapstick and it’s not going to provide any color, but it does! It gives your lips the perfect natural looking pink shade. It’s a little pricier, but totally worth it and it keeps them looking so moisturized and juicy!

I found a very similar dupe for the Dior Lip Glow, it’s a tad more pigmented, but still gives the juicy and moisturizing effect! And if you put less on and blend it into your lips it looks a lot more like the Lip Glow!

This formula is so nice, it doesn’t dry out my lips like some other liquid lipsticks do. I probably have the same shade in like 20 other lipsticks, but I really love a good pink nude! This, to me is the perfect shade for an everyday lip, it goes with everything and is always a must have color for your collection!


I haven’t really changed a lot about my brow routine, I stick to my go to eyebrow powder from Benefit Cosmetics. But lately I’ve been using Glycerin soap to get than feathery brow look and it’s a game changer! If you want to achieve that full looking feathery brow look then look no further, use this with a spoolie to shape your brows and you will be amazed at how it looks after! I don’t even really need to use brow gel after either so you get a two in one product!

Hair Products!

I have the most thick, greasy and oily hair and it is stick straight! I don’t always have time to wash my hair anymore and I always had to wash it every single day. I was not like those girls that are blessed with hair that can go days without washing, or so I thought! When I tried these products it changed the game!

This is the main game changer for me, I’ve tried so many different dry shampoos with the hopes of it working and keeping my hair looking voluminous and fresh. None of them worked until this one! I went from having to wash my hair every day, to me going on 4 days with out having to wash it! My hair doesn’t look greasy or oily at all after I use this dry shampoo! And my hair stays voluminous, which is why I never liked the others, my hair always looked flat! If you have a similar hair type or hair problem like me definitely try it out!

Now that I don’t have to wash my hair everyday, I still get a lot of product build up. So once it’s time to wash my hair I use this shampoo because it really helps exfoliate your scalp and get rid of all the product build up so that your hair is squeaky cleans for the next round! I think it really makes a difference with how much dirt and all that stuff builds up later because it’s not as much when I wash my hair with this shampoo!


I am not a big fan of perfume, I prefer body sprays because they tend to be more subtle and fresh smelling. Glossier You is the perfect perfume if you don’t like fruity, strong scents. It’s a very fresh, subtle flowery type of sent that you smell all day! Especially when you move around you can smell it and ugh it smells sooo good.

Alright Guys that is it for my current beauty favorites! I want to do a current spring favorites what do you think? Let me know in the comments what your favorites (any category) are right now I’d love to know!



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