Spring Wardrobe Must Haves

Apr 29, 2019

Spring Must Have Styles

What I’m looking to add to my closet for the Spring/Summer

Spring is here and I am loving it, I love seeing all the spring styles and outfits that are popping up everywhere!

I wanted to create a list of items that I’d like to add to my wardrobe that I think would be great additions and also last me for many seasons, so these are my spring wardrobe must haves! That’s right I’m looking for longevity here not just trendy styles. I found some pieces that I really like or inspo photos of the styles I’m looking for, for the season!

Puffy Sleeved Top

This might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I love the puffy or ballooned sleeve tops, especially on a basic white button up. I wear my collared button down shirt all the time so adding some puffy sleeves to it just give it a little something extra while still keeping it classic.

Trench Coat

I have a couple of trench coats already in my wardrobe, but I’m not completely satisfied with them. I’m really searching for that perfect trench coat that isn’t very flowy and has more of a lighter, stiffer fabric. Trench coats are timeless and they pair so beautifully with so many different outfits especially when it’s the classic khaki shade.

Satin Slip Skirt

Last year satin midi skirts because such a HUGE trend and they are still going strong a year later. I really love the look of the satin midi skirt, especially the cheetah print skirt from Topshop that EVERYONE was wearing. Sadly, they no longer have that skirt, but I’ve found a few different skirts that are perfect!

Cropped Biker Jacket

There’s an influencer I follow, Hello October, and she’s petite like I am. She always wears this really nice cropped leather jacket that looks so good on her small frame. I have faux leather jackets already, but I don’t wear them all the time because I feel like they don’t match my small frame. Since I’ve seen Suzie in this beautiful jacket constantly I am now on the hunt for a cropped jacket that fits my petite body!

Brown Strappy Sandals

Last year the Hermes slide sandals were all the rage, I bought myself a really nice pair from Payless that were only 8$ and were pretty much the exact same! I’ve worn those sandals so much since, especially last spring and summer. I would really like to add a nice pair of strappy sandals this year that I can pair with all my outfits.

White Kitten Sandals

A very big trend right now are square toed, strappy, kitten heel sandals. And I am here for it! I never liked the square toe shape, but in this particular style I think it’s very classic. I’m looking for a nice off white pair too, I feel like that will pair with outfits easier than a bright white sandal.


I have seen so many amazing outfits with a cream, or off-white blazer or a khaki colored blazer and I really want one in my closet. A beautiful light blazer really is a spring/summer must have!

Staple Midi Dress

If I could just find one midi dress that I really love and can wear in tons of different ways, dressed up or down I would be completely happy. I’m thinking some kind of button down midi dress or polka dot print, or earthy toned dress.

I’ve found some really great items that I’ve been eyeing that fit all the pieces I want for my spring wardrobe! Take a look down below!



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