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Oct 6, 2020

I’ve been on a jewelry hunt recently, probably since the beginning of the year. I really wanted to start investing in more quality pieces that will last me a while vs. costume jewelry. Slowly, but surely I’ve been adding to my collection and I’ve finally some beautiful, dainty, perfect for laying pieces. I recently got so many DMs about my Apple Watch band, which is gold too and it inspired me to dedicate a whole post to my favorite jewelry.

Gold is my jam, I prefer to wear that every day over silver. It just looks so classic and timeless. If you’ve never noticed there’s different types of gold as well, more yellowy-green tones or some that are more deeper yellow-orange tones. The deeper golden tones are my favorite, to me they look more expensive and classy.

So not only was I hunting for gold pieces at an affordable price, but a certain color as well lol.

Luckily, I’ve found some and I’m obsessed with each piece I have in my growing collection of necklaces and earrings, even bracelets!

Here are my favorite pieces, some were gifts so I’ll link similar jewelry for those!
Thin Gold Chain Apple Watch Band I just got this from amazon and I love it, I went for a thin chain band and also bought this matching gold case, the chain is adjustable and you can take out the links so it fits you perfectly! I had to take out about 5 links for it to fit me right.
– These Gold Beaded Bracelets are really nice too, they have a good weight to them and fit nice on my small wrists. But they’re stretchy so they never feel too tight or loose.
Herringbone Choker necklace, okay I’m really obsessed with this one, its the perfect gold tone and this style of necklace is just always a classic.
Details Chain necklace, I love the little gold beads that are spread throughout this necklace, the different style goes perfectly with the herringbone choker and so many others. Perfect for layering!
New Classic Chain, this has a longer chain and the style reminds me of the little bracelet I used to have as a kid. LOVEE IT.
– The gold hoops are a gift from my fiancĂ©, he knows how much I wanted hoops and he bought me this pair and a smaller pair that I wear constantly! I believe they’re from Kays and I linked a similar pair here.
– The very thin, dainty, rope chain was also a gift, my dad bought it for me earlier this year. I really love how thin it is and the long length as well, and I love that all these pieces layer so well. I’ve linked a similar piece here.

What pieces do you have in your collection? Where do you find them, I love finding new places to shop!



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