Welcome to my little slice of the internet. if you haven't caught on by now my name is Alex. I'm a 27 year old fashion and beauty blogger from a small town in Florida.

I've loved everything fashion and makeup since I was old enough to start experimenting with both.  It's been a great love affair ever since.

I love high end fashion and makeup, but haven't always been able to afford it nor want to spend so much on trendier pieces.

So I've learned to mix and match higher end pieces with fast fashion or drugstore makeup and find dupes to designer items. I always love it when other influencers share their favorite pieces or steals and I'd like to keep that sharing going!

5 Things I'm obsessed with!

1. Loreal True Match Tinted Serum

2. You Perfume by Glossier

3. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

4. Knee High Chunky Boots

5. Bubble Baths with Epsom Salt