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Life Update: a Wedding, House, & Baby

Oct 24, 2021

It has been a long minute since I posted on the blog, at least a year. So let’s recap what’s happened in the past year.

So I got engaged in July, 2019 (longer than a year ago I know) and started planning our wedding. Originally I had wanted a fall wedding in 2020, but everything was booked when I starting looking into venues. We ended up choosing a date in January 2021, which ended up being a really good time for us. And then BAM! Covid happened and 2020 was a major mess for everyone.

While planning our wedding, we also started construction on our house. It should’ve ideally been finished at the end of 2020, but because of COVID everything was backed up and the wait times for materials were crazy long. That’s why our wedding in January ended up being a good thing because our house was nowhere near finished in November. We did a lot of the work ourselves to try and save on cost and I liked the idea of us working together to bring our home to life. It still wasn’t enough to be able to finish our house before the wedding though!

When they say time really does fly by, they mean it because it felt like 2020 was in turbo mode leading up to the wedding. But on January 23, 2021 me and rob got married and had, in my opinion, a beautiful wedding. I could not stop smiling all day, we danced all night and I felt so happy being surrounded by all the people we love and who love us.

Wedding kiss

Since our home wasn’t ready yet for us to move in we stayed with at my sister-in-laws house for a few weeks. In February we were able to move in and it felt like home right away in the sense that me and Rob we skipped any awkward phase of never having lived together before. Which I personally love that it was so seamless.

We spent the next months just living our life, slowly getting furniture for our house and decorating here and there. Still very much a work in progress, but I’m happy to be patient when it comes to furnishing and decorating. That shit can get expensive and unfortunately, we aren’t millionaires lol.

Fast forward to mid June 2021, I’m a few days late for Aunt Flo’s monthly visit. At first I’m not very concerned, I can be a few days late and be fine. Ever since I got off BC, just because I didn’t want all these hormones in my system anymore, it could be irregular. But I started tracking everything when I got off so I would know what’s going on with my body.

However, a few days turned into a week and I decided to go ahead and get a pregnancy test lol. I didn’t really think the test would come back positive, but ya know shit happens. It came back positive and I had to wait a couple hours to tell Rob our good news. We had already talked about when we would start trying for a baby, we had just planned on it for a couple months later lol. Just goes to show you God has a funny sense of humor.

Now it’s October and we announced the gender of our baby. Our families have known since we were like 12 weeks, but this was for everyone else and the internet lol. We are happy to be bringing a little girl into our lives in March 2022.

Currently I’m 21 weeks, or a little over 5 Months along. Which, yay, is halfway through! Still haven’t decided on a name yet for our nugget and haven’t started decorating her room or anything. But I’m not stressed about it and we’re just enjoying ourselves and livin’ life=].

That’s all that’s happened and now we’re current! I’ll be posting more about the pregnancy, life in general and everything beauty and style related so stay tuned!



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